5 New High Paying Jobs Created By AI

PC: Pixabay & Pexels

Prompt engineers shape effective text requests for generative AI, with high-paying opportunities in various industries beyond tech.

Prompt Enginnering


AI trainers teach AI systems, like chatbots, to understand and mimic human interactions in specific business contexts, such as an insurance company implementing AI for call handling.

AI Trainer


AI auditors are tasked with ensuring AI outputs are both accurate and free from bias, with some places, like New York City from July 2023, legally requiring bias audits for AI used in hiring.

Ai Auditor


AI ethicists are in high demand, earning up to $160,000 annually, as they ensure ethical AI use and reduce bias in AI systems, especially in job-related applications.

AI ethicist


Machine managers with computer science backgrounds oversee AI systems, earning $109,000 to $251,000 per year in a dynamic job market.

Machine manager


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