Microsoft Extends Bing Chat to Google Chrome and Safari Users, Introduces Dark Mode

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Additionally, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to promote its Edge browser by displaying pop-ups to users of other browsers.

USA: Microsoft has expanded the accessibility of its Bing AI chatbot to Google Chrome and Safari users, allowing them to access the chatbot directly from Prior to this update, the Bing Chat feature was exclusively available on Microsoft’s Edge browser, but now users of other popular browsers can also benefit from its capabilities.

The Bing Chat AI, an intelligent chatbot, offers users a range of useful functions and interactive features. By rolling it out to Chrome and Safari, Microsoft aims to provide a more inclusive experience to a broader audience of internet users.

However, there is a catch to this expansion. While Bing Chat is now accessible on Chrome and Safari, Microsoft has decided to impose certain restrictions on these users. For instance, those accessing Bing Chat on Chrome and Safari will have a limitation of typing prompts up to 2,000 words, which is half the allowance provided to Edge users, who can type prompts of up to 4,000 words.

Another aspect where users on other browsers will experience a difference is the number of turns allowed in their conversations with the chatbot. While Edge users enjoy a generous 30 turns before a reset, users on Chrome and Safari will find their conversations reset after just five turns. This move by Microsoft seems to incentivize users to stick with Edge for a more extensive and unrestricted chatbot experience.

Additionally, Microsoft has taken the opportunity to promote its Edge browser by displaying pop-ups to users of other browsers, encouraging them to download and use Edge for an enhanced chatbot experience. It’s evident that Microsoft is keen on promoting its own browser while also expanding Bing Chat’s reach.

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Notably, alongside the expansion of Bing Chat to multiple browsers, Microsoft has also introduced a long-awaited feature – dark mode for Bing Chat. However, it seems that the dark mode option is not universally available yet, as some users have reported not seeing the feature in their Bing Chat settings. By enabling dark mode, users can enjoy a more eye-friendly interface during their chat sessions.

To activate dark mode, users can navigate to the hamburger menu located in the top-right corner of Bing Chat. From there, they can select the “Appearance” option and toggle between “Dark” or “System Default” to enable or disable the dark mode.

The introduction of Bing Chat to Chrome and Safari is a strategic move by Microsoft to cater to a broader user base and compete with other browser-integrated chatbots, such as Google’s Bard chatbot. Nevertheless, the imposed limitations on word prompts and conversation turns for non-Edge users raise discussions on the balance between inclusivity and incentivizing the adoption of Microsoft’s own browser.

As Microsoft continues to refine its chatbot capabilities and enhance Bing Chat’s performance, users can expect further updates and improvements to enrich their browsing and interactive experiences.

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