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From Crypto Tragedy to AI Success: Ole Lehmann’s Journey to Rs 1.4 Crore in Weeks


Lehmann’s initial foray into AI started quietly but with a clear purpose.

CYPRUS: In a world where change is the only constant, Ole Lehmann, a 32-year-old entrepreneur based in Cyprus, experienced a remarkable transformation. He shifted from crypto trading to becoming a prominent figure in the realm of AI, turning adversity into a revenue of approximately Rs 1.4 crore in less than a month.

The Unexpected Turnaround

In November 2022, the renowned crypto exchange, FTX, faced a major crash, leaving many traders, including Lehmann, with significant losses. However, for Lehmann, this marked the end of one chapter and the beginning of another, as he discovered the potential of ChatGPT, an AI technology. His journey into AI mirrored his initial excitement for cryptocurrencies, as he ventured into the uncharted territory of a booming technological landscape.

Making Waves on Twitter

Lehmann’s initial foray into AI started quietly but with a clear purpose. In January 2023, he began experimenting with ChatGPT and shared his findings on Twitter. This was not a casual endeavor but a deliberate attempt to gauge public interest. The response was overwhelmingly positive. In just over 60 days, Lehmann’s Twitter platform, “The AI Solopreneur,” garnered 100,000 followers, proving the timeless adage that “content is king,” especially when it’s innovative and timely.

The AI Gold Rush

The rapid growth of his Twitter account demonstrated the market’s demand for AI knowledge. Lehmann, sensing untapped potential, introduced the “AI Audience Accelerator” course, priced at a modest $179 (about Rs 14,790). The course promised solo entrepreneurs the tools to harness AI’s vast potential. The response was nothing short of astounding. In less than a month, 1,078 eager learners enrolled, generating an astonishing gross revenue of $176,885 (approximately Rs 1.4 crore). Despite the abundance of free AI resources, Lehmann’s genuine and practical insights carved out a unique niche.

Lehmann’s Guiding Principles

Despite his remarkable success, he remains humble, considering himself more of an AI enthusiast than an expert. His success mantra is refreshingly simple: engage deeply but with no more than two AI tools at once, treat ChatGPT as an intern, be precise with your requests, and always add a human touch to AI-generated content for personalization.


Ole Lehmann’s meteoric rise from a crypto setback to a frontrunner in AI underscores the importance of adaptability and vision in today’s tech-driven world. His journey serves as an inspiring example, shedding light on the boundless possibilities that await those who remain resilient and open-minded in the face of setbacks.

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